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La Toya Jackson


Photo by s_bukley Depositphotos.com


Her Medical Mystery From The Past

Written by Jay Christian

I've known La Toya for many years and when she had this condition, we talked about it quite a bit. Little did anyone know at the time, that her brother Michael had the same problem, but he didn't reveal it to anyone. She worked hard to find a cure for herself, but unfortunately, Michael didn't.

Here is the story when La Toya lived at the Jackson mansion years ago.

LaToya Jackson stared wide-eyed at hundreds of dark ceilings during a four-year nightmare battle with a medical condition, that she kept a secret.

Years ago, the singer would be so tired by day that she feared she’d collapse while on tour. Eventually, she suffered temporary paralysis for almost a year.

But now, after visits to countless doctors and many hospitals, LaToya, has finally won her battle without resorting to pills or alcohol.

“It was one of the worst experiences of my life,” she says. “I’d lie in bed and toss and turn until 4 a.m. and awaken at 7 a.m. The nights were very long and I did a lot of reading, watching TV and listening to music."

She continued, “I’d try to sleep because I felt very tired from the stress of tours and performances, but I couldn’t. I actually thought I didn’t know how to sleep anymore. It was terrifying.”

La Toya, whose struggle was known only by her family and a few close friends, now wants to share her story, hoping that others who have insomnia might be able to conquer it.

“My body was tired and worn out with no sleep,” she confessed. “Small symptoms started, and I found myself very tense all the time. I would think about my problems too much. I can’t say it was my career. I still don’t know what the true problem was."

She explained, “I was definitely a more tense person, that’s one of the reasons why I couldn’t relax. I never considered myself a night person, and I’m not the kind who likes to stay up all night."

“I went to six doctors. Some were specialists. They checked me out to find the cause and the problem. They wanted to know, and so did I! None were psychiatrists. I never felt a psychiatrist was necessary," she said.

La Toya continued, “Sleeplessness affected the breakdown of my body. I had to visit more doctors because I found myself getting ill. My blood was not circulating properly. My legs would go to sleep all the time. The minute I crossed my legs, they’d fall asleep and feel numb."

“But the attacks didn’t stop, and soon my hands, fingers and arms were numb and cramped all the time and became almost paralyzed. The numbness from the neck down lasted about eight months. It would happen any time I was sitting or standing, and would last about four hours," she said with concern.

“Hospitals all over America treated me. I was always being rushed to the emergency room while traveling. Doctors would run a series of tests all the time, but they all said the same thing. They couldn’t find the answer or treatment,” she confided.

Dr. David Velkoff, medical director of the Drake Institute of Behavioral Medicine in Santa Monica, Calif., says: “Many insomniacs suffer from anxiety and depression. About 70 million Americans have chronic insomnia and stress plays a dominant role.” He continued, “People have problems and often get overwhelmed. Pressures mount upon pressures, and the people don’t know how to cope. Victims lose their ability to relax, and they continue to have insomnia.”

Desperate La Toya finally took an unconventional route and visited a doctor who treats patients naturally. “I went to see a doctor who treated me with mega-vitamins and herbs. It took about three weeks and the numbness stopped,” she noted.

La Toya explained that lack of sleep had drained her body of vitamins and energy, and it never had a chance to replenish itself.

Her new doctor took a bottle of vitamins and told her to hold it in her hand. Then she would resist his pressure as he tried to pull down her hand. If she didn’t need that particular vitamin, he couldn't lower her hand and if he could, then she lacked the vitamin in her body.

“It may sound strange, but it worked,” says La Toya. “I believe there is a cure for everything. It’s just a matter of finding that cure. I would be fine one day, but the insomnia persisted.”

Then La Toya found the answer at last. The final doctor she visited, suggested that instead of doing exercises in the morning when she first got up, she should do them at night.

“Now I walk for two hours at nighttime and really exert myself, and I’m just exhausted,” she revealed. “I’m really ready for a long night’s sleep now, and that’s exactly what I have!”

She continued, “The answer was so simple. I’m so happy that I beat insomnia after four long years! Right now, I’m so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open. It’s amazing to think it’s only nine at night.”

“I slept 10 hours last night. I’m so happy and proud of myself. My insomnia is gone forever!” La Toya said happily.

While La Toya found the answer and cure for her medical condition the proper way, her brother Michael, who shared the same condition, unfortunately didn’t. *

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