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Lou Ferrigno


Photo by Carla Ferrigno


His Tips For Raising Kids

Written by Jay Christian

I met Lou at a swanky party, at the beautiful and ornate Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Hollywood. We talked a quite a bit over their scrumptious buffet. Here is his story from the past, which still holds good advice today.

He gained a big reputation for being green and mean as TV’s Incredible Hulk, but in real life Lou Ferrigno is a gentle giant.

There is one thing, however, that gets the kindly father of three really riled... parents who are guilty of hitting their kids too often, ignoring the damage that goes beyond physical abuse.

“When a parent hits a child, sometimes through their anger they’re not aware of how hard they’re hitting them. There is an awful chance of hurting someone you love,” said Lou.

He also points out that it’s emotionally degrading to the child. “People don’t seem to realize that if you’re too hard on the kids, it can affect their self-esteem and that’s something they will carry with them for their whole lives,” Lou said with empathy.

He continued, “Kids need to be understood and not put down or humiliated. They’ll listen to you even more if you talk to them honestly and give them love."

“I listen to my kids when they speak,” says Lou. “Kids are telling you their opinions and feelings about life and situations. And we must listen to what they are trying to tell us.”

Lou who has been married for nine years to actress Carla Ferrigno. Their three children are Shanna, 9, Louie, 5 and baby Brent, 8 months.

“My kids are not afraid of me because they’re allowed to express themselves,” says Ferrigno, whose warm, tender manner contradicts his fearsome TV character. “We have good communication in our home and we discuss things openly,” he said.

“When I get upset with the kids, I never hit them. Hitting children should never happen because it does too much damage to them both physically and emotionally,” he adds.

Lou and Carla, both in their late 30s, believe that one way to communicate better with children is simply by being with them and the best way is at dinner time.

“Every night, it’s like a ritual,” Lou says. “We always eat at 6:30. We discuss problems, but everything is upbeat."

“I don’t want a stressful atmosphere at home. My kids are very sensitive, so I like to have some fun and excitement around the house. This way, there’s much more of a relaxed atmosphere around the place,” he said proudly.

The Ferrignos stress that they are careful not to spoil their children.

Lou explained, “We live in a fairly average neighborhood and the kids go to public school. They are not given or handed anything. They have to do chores around the house and they are given an allowance to teach them to budget and to give them independence.”

Carla, Lou’s wife adds: “We let our kids be who they want to be, at their own speed and we let them express themselves within a respectable limit, so it’s not abusive to us parents or anyone else.”

Lou, who grew up in Brooklyn, N.Y., says his parents did the best they could raising him, but he points out that child-raising techniques need to change with the times.

“When I was growing up, there were many parents around who were way too strict,” he recalls. “That was just the way things were back in those days."

“Today, a good parent is someone kind, sweet and giving to their children. It takes a lot of patience raising kids. Parenting is a something you have to work on every day."

“Our first house rule is to be honest without guilt. This way everything is out in the open and when problems arise, they are resolved quickly.”

Lou concludes: “I give my kids a lot of love and affection- this is most important. Just being there when they need you is more important than we realize.” *

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